Our Company

Our Mission


In the era of big business, corporate acquisitions and bureaucratic mergers, Cleveland Hermetic is proud to uphold the same independent, family oriented establishment that we have maintained from the beginning. 

If you contact one of our store locations be prepared for your name to be recognized on the phone, to be addressed by your first name, or knowing our employees, be called an endearing nickname created for your amusement.

We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers accurately and expeditiously because we realize that time is money and your time is valuable.

If you are looking for competitive pricing, look no further.  We are a proud member of Blue Hawk cooperative which allows us to merge our buying power with other independent wholesalers on a national scale to take advantage of more competitive pricing.

We make it our mission to look after our customers and treat them like family.  We celebrate their successes and hope that by partnering closely we form mutually beneficial impermeable relationships miles ahead of the competition.     



More than 65 years ago, Elmer & Helen Wiedwald started Cleveland Hermetic & Supply in the garage of their own personal residence.  They had a vision to create a family owned and operated establishment where employees and customers alike were treated like family and long-term, loyal relationships were valued above all else. 

As the years have passed, our humble beginnings have graduated into 3 strong store locations serving Cuyahoga and surrounding counties.  All the while the fundamental ideals present at the inception of Cleveland Hermetic are still prominently center stage today.